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Housing shortages across California have caused housing prices to skyrocket, leaving many residents unable to afford their rent or mortgage in the communities they love. Alameda County is no different. With the median rent in Alameda County sitting at upwards of $2,500, 53% of residents are rent burdened, forced to pay over 30% of their income for housing alone.  The housing crisis has also created a drastic increase in those experiencing homelessness across Alameda County, with the homeless population doubling since 2015. Nearly 20% of unsheltered homeless residents in Alameda County reside in District 1. To solve the housing crisis, we need leadership with new and innovative ideas. Bob Wieckowski has shown to be a creative leader when tackling housing issues across the state. 


As a member of the Housing Committee in the State Senate, Bob has authored groundbreaking legislation to streamline the approval process for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to provide cheaper housing to residents across the state. After these reforms, applications for ADU permits have increased significantly in major cities across California, proving to be a successful avenue to address housing shortages. And in 2019, Bob voted to give counties a record share of funding to combat housing and homelessness crises, and to fast-track the construction of homeless shelters in our most vulnerable communities. Bob Wieckowski will be a fighter for Housing First Policies and will look to bring other unique solutions to handle the issue of housing shortages, while supporting county efforts to expand programs to make housing more affordable to help our low-income and homeless residents


As California’s economy grows at a rapid pace, the urgency to fix our roads, bridges, and highways in the absence of significant federal action is needed more than ever. With over 100,000 commuters traveling into Alameda County crossing regional boundaries daily, the highest percentage of daily truck volumes in the Bay Area, and more than 1/2 of the region’s top 10 most congested corridors, it is no wonder that Alameda County residents are heavily impacted by our dated and deteriorating transportation systems. In Sacramento, Bob has brought billions of dollars to Alameda County to ease traffic, and improve local roads, public transportation, and highways, while promoting walking and bicycling.

He supports the Valley Link Project to alleviate traffic on 580 in the Tri-Valley and to better connect commuters from the     San Joaquin Valley to opportunities in the Bay Area. Bob has also been an early advocate for the expansion of BART and ACE systems and improving mobility on the congested 880 and 680 corridors. As your Supervisor, Bob will take a coordinated regional approach to resolving the Greater Bay Area’s transportation infrastructure challenges and secure state and federal funds to ensure Alameda County has the safe, efficient, and modern transportation systems that we all deserve. 

BUILDING STRONG COMMUNITIES for Seniors, Families and Children

Despite a healthy economy at home, many in our communities are struggling everyday. Our county has tremendous potential to reach and improve the lives of those in significant need. Alameda County’s Vision 2026 shows a commitment to building a prosperous, safe, healthy and inclusive community that our residents deserve. As a former City Councilmember, Vice Mayor, and State Legislator, Bob Wieckowski will be a Supervisor that will be ready on day-one to advocate for seniors, families and children. 


Bob knows that with investments to advance the arts and  expand early childhood education, every child will be given the opportunity to fulfill their potential and live their dreamsHe recognizes the challenges that foster youth face and will fight to improve the county system to integrate services to ensure that these youth are placed in front of the line for job opportunities, educational programs and early intervention services to keep them on track for success. Seniors must have the right to age in place and live with dignity, which is why Bob is a staunch supporter for efforts to approve low-income senior housing projects across the county. And with an increase in crime in neighborhoods across the District, Bob will take a proactive approach to protecting our community by expanding partnerships to focus on directed enforcement and crime prevention to fully respond to residential burglaries, auto thefts and other incidents. 


As a bankruptcy attorney, Bob Wieckowski has built his career on improving access to justice and will fight to ensure our justice system treats everyone fairly. Bob will also build on our progress to fix the rape kits backlog and shorten the processing time to 30 days. Most importantly, he will work hard to bring county resources and services to all the residents of District 1. 


In Sacramento, Bob has worked to implement and protect the Affordable Care Act in California. His vote in favor of the Medicaid expansion in 2013 provided access to affordable healthcare for over one million Californians through Medi-Cal. Most recently, Bob Wieckowski supported legislation to expand Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented immigrants, making our communities stronger and healthier. Bob has also continually received a 100% pro-choice rating from Planned Parenthood. 


As our Supervisor, Bob looks to prioritize health care services and ensure that healthcare funding is well managed and allocated for the benefit of all Alameda County residents. Bob will fully-fund our County hospitals while boosting healthcare non-profits and community clinics that provide critical services for low-income and uninsured residents. 


Like other counties across the country, Alameda County has seen an increase in food insecurity levels, with many food insecure children also left ineligible for assistance. Reviewing eligibility thresholds for food assistance will be a top healthcare priority, to ensure children across the county can receive healthy meals. Bob also understands that healthcare does not stop with physical health, and he will also focus on funding and expanding mental health services throughout the county, ensuring that residents can afford and will have access to these services.


With more instances of extreme weather, rising sea levels, extended fire seasons, and flooding, we can count on Bob to be our voice in the fight against climate change. In the Senate, Bob has put California on the fast-track to be a global leader on climate action. With the passage of an extended Cap and Trade Program and significant investments in clean/green technologies, Bob has been in the forefront in ensuring that California is making milestones in developing world-leading climate research and creating a decarbonized and sustainable future

In the absence of federal action, counties are also working at the local level to take on this fight. As our Supervisor, Bob will help modernize our County’s current Climate Action Plan to reduce our negative impact on the planet while saving tax-payer dollars. He will implement green infrastructure policies and other innovative strategies to curb the local effects of sea level rise and commit our county to achieving 100% carbon neutrality through clean electricity. Bob will help to empower business owners and industry leaders to choose renewable solutions while identifying and working directly with vulnerable communities to improve community resilience as a means to address environmental justice